Functional Medicine

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Stephanie Bruzgul, RPA-C

Physician’s Assistant
Functional Medicine

Stephanie Bruzgul returns to the Artemis Center after taking a year sabbatical in Spain. She has worked for Dr. Madejski since 2006. She has a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science at the University of Pittsburgh. She later completed her Masters of Science degree as a Physician’s Assistant at Daemen College in Buffalo.

Stephanie’s chief area of interest is in promoting a healthy lifestyle as a proactive approach to health. Functional medicine is the science of using individualized diet, supplements and fitness regimens to maximize one’s health and vitality. No two human beings are biochemically alike. What works for one individual may be harmful to another. If you are tired of the standard western approach of using pharmaceutical treatments for the symptoms of chronic diseases, consider coming in to see Stephanie for a functional medicine visit.

Her other areas of interest include adolescent women’s healthcare, reproductive health and contraception, prevention of and education about sexually transmitted diseases, and management of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

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